Hey All! Yesterday i have set up/installed on my Syno NAS the LDAP and Radius packages. I have successfully set up remote LDAP auth with my Synology, both users and groups working fine. But i cant get work the RADIUS auth. The users recognised withouth pr...

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Nov 20, 2019 · Im using the Confluence Evaluation installed on MacOS 10.13.6. Our Active Directory is hosted on our Synology Box using Synology Directory Server (samba). Im struggling to get LDAP auth set up. I keep getting Connection test failed. Response from the server: auth.companydomain.com:636; nested exc... May 24, 2018 · Among my questions " i succeeded in setting up confluence via docker, but i want install via 'jira install guide link' " As a supplement to the above, 1. i succeeded in setting up confluence via docker. 2. but i want formal install via 'jira install guide' 3. so now, I formatted my computer.(doesn't have confluence on docker) I have more ... Глава 2: Начало работы с Synology DiskStation Manager. Глава 7: Доступ к Synology NAS через Интернет.I am currently trying to replace a Microsoft SBS Server and use the Synology LDAP Server (Directory Server) instead for the user authentication. I can login successfully but what I am struggling with is assigning certain users local admin rights. LDAP configuration on ASA. To Configure LDAP authentication on ASA you need the following information: IP address of the ldap server Base DN information ldap-base-dn DC=mydomain,DC=com. Ldap login DN information CN=ldapadmin,OU=VPN,DC=mydomain,DC=com. ldap-login-password [email protected]

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Is there anyone out there using a Synology DiskStation running Directory Server (their LDAP implementation) to provide authentication AND network homes for OSX? I've tried setting it up and have hit a roadblock with getting the OSX clients to automount the NFS export where the home folders reside on Synology. LDAP Configuration on Windows Server I suggest: Ports 389 and 636 is already being used by AD; therefore, don't use it. Do you want Active Directory for your Windows PCs but you don't want to spend a boat load on licensing? Have a Synology?Aug 13, 2013 · For anyone that needs to know how to "trick" the Synology into starting the LDAP client service and then changing the port, it is simple: just setup the Synology box to connect to any other LDAP server that runs on 389. The easiest way to do this is 1. Go to the Synology Package Center and install the free Directory Server package.
Yop !So on my side, I install the plugin and configure it as below:Default domain: xxxxx.com.DNS servers: ip address of our main DNS serverLDAP servers: xxxx.domainname.com (I also tried with the ip address)Search user: domainname.com\administratorPassword: administrator passwordSearch base: CN=Users,DC=domainname,DC=COMAnd when I try to save I obtain on the top of the page: LDAP extension is ... Has anyone been able to configure LDAP using Synology Directory or Active Directory Server? I want to use the LDAP feature to sync user login details from my synology NAS. Any settings / help would be appreciated.